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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween and Mirror Mirror

               Finally got around going through tons of pictures and videos! First you should check our out Day Time Thriller Video and our Night Time Thriller Video that me, brother Daniel, Jonathan, Corynne, and some of Evalyn performed for the fall festival here at the farm. It's not the best but we only had a couple of practices and I have cancer for Pete's sake. Why Pete? I don't know.

trick or treating in Watkinsville, 

Evalyn and Isabella 

She loves her vanity and her new costum jewelry. 

She enjoyed using the Nerds and Dots as shakers. 

She didn't feel well this day... it was so sad.... she wanted to hold her own tissues.

She might be a drummer like her brother. 

Grandma Kim was with us too but the dumb camera quit working. 
              Evalyn really liked walking  through the pumpkins and banging on them like drums, trying to pick them up and collecting leaves and acorns. She had a great time dancing on Halloween too! There may be some more videos soon so check back.

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  1. I thought your Thriller moves were awesome! Nanny would've been proud.

    Pete as in, Saint Peter. :)

    Evalyn is a doll. I love the red jacket!